In the News

In addition to occasionally writing articles for a broad audience, I am frequently quoted by local and national news outlets discussing my own research as well as key state and national higher education issues. Below are recent examples of me in the news.

My Commentary and Analysis
A Look at Pell Grant Recipients’ Graduation Rates.Brown Center Chalkboard (Brookings), October 25, 2017.
America’s Best Bang for the Buck Colleges 2017.Washington Monthly, September/October 2017.
Examining Variations in Marriage Rates across Colleges.Brown Center Chalkboard (Brookings), July 17, 2017.
How Much Do For-Profit Colleges Rely on Federal Funds?Brown Center Chalkboard (Brookings), January 12, 2017.
What Trump Might Mean for Higher-Ed Finance.The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 10, 2016. 
The Relationship Between Student Debt and Earnings.Brown Center Chalkboard (Brookings), September 23, 2016.
Clinton’s New College Compact Plan Explained.The Conversation, July 26, 2016. 
About My Research
Which Colleges Give You the Most for Your Money? Depends on How You Measure It.” George Anders, The Wall Street Journal, October 22, 2017.
Tuition Covered, but Challenges Remain, for Students in MATC’s ‘Promise’ Program.” Nico Savidge, Wisconsin State Journal, August 27, 2017.
The Hidden Cost of College: Rising Student Fees.” Jeff Selingo, The Washington Post, August 24, 2017.
Michigan Colleges Often Miss Mark on Student Living Costs, Study Shows.” Brian McVicar, Grand Rapids Press, July 28, 2017.
A Punishment that Doesn’t Work.” Ashley Smith, Inside Higher Ed, July 20, 2017.
Study: Increased Credit Hours’ Impact on Graduation Rates ‘Very Limited.’” Jamaal Abdul-Alim, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, July 20, 2017.
Study: Harris County Colleges Likely Overestimate Costs to Live in Region.” Lindsay Ellis, Houston Chronicle, July 12, 2017.
How Colleges Give Students a Flawed Sense of Living Costs.” Ben Myers, The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 10, 2017.
Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your College’s Living Expense Estimate.” Jillian Berman, MarketWatch, March 10, 2017.
Quoted in the Media
College Tuition is Still Getting More Expensive.” Katie Lobosco, CNN Money, October 25, 2017.
Study: Over Half of For-Profit Students Defaulted on Loans.” Maria Danilova, The Associated Press, October 5, 2017.
75,000 Apply for State College Scholarships, But Many Won’t Qualify.” David Chen, The New York Times, August 25, 2017.
Healthier Than Imagined?” Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed, August 14, 2017.
This Goldman Sachs Report Predicts College Tuition Will Start Rising Faster.” Jillian Berman, MarketWatch, August 11, 2017.
At Long Last, Signs that College Tuition Might Come Down.” Anya Kamenetz, National Public Radio, August 8, 2017.
Strong Demand Leads to Questions about New York Scholarship Program.” Melissa Korn, The Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2017.
What Would the Repeal of Higher Ed’s Foundational Law Mean for Colleges?” Adam Harris, The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 23, 2017.
Britain Tries to Evaluate Teaching Quality.” Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed, June 22, 2017.
Rule Rollback Won’t Keep Defrauded Student Borrowers From Loan Forgiveness.” Anna Helhoski, The Los Angeles Times, June 14, 2017.
Six Reasons You May Not Graduate on Time.” Meredith Kolotner, The New York Times, April 6, 2017.
States Challenge Public Universities to Prove They Are Worth Their Funding.” Melissa Korn, The Wall Street Journal, March 11, 2017.
I was a panelist on PBS’s “Point Taken” show in April 2016 to discuss whether college is worth the price tag.
I was a panelist on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” show in August 2013 to discuss Washington Monthly magazine’s college rankings.