Come See Me at AERA!

I’m involved in two presentations at this weekend’s gigantic American Educational Research Association conference in Philadelphia. (And I’m not kidding about the gigantic part. There are often more than 100 sessions going on at any particular time!)

“Making Sense of Loan Aversion: Evidence from Wisconsin.” (Friday, 2:15-3:45, Marriott, 407) I’ve worked on this paper with Sara Goldrick-Rab of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (this year’s recipient of an early career award from AERA), who will be giving the presentation. In this presentation, she will talk about our work looking at loantaking patterns among a sample of Pell recipients from the state of Wisconsin.

“Financial Need and Income Volatility among Students with Zero Expected Family Contribution.” (Sunday, 10:35-12:05, Marriott, Fourth Level, Franklin 11) In this paper, I look at students with zero EFC using both nationally representative data and student-level FAFSA data from nine colleges and universities. I examine trends in zero EFC receipt, as well as breaking down zero EFC students into groups based on how the EFC was calculated (full FAFSA, simplified FAFSA excluding assets, and automatic zero EFC). Here are the slides from this presentation.

I hope to see you at AERA, and please send along any sessions that I should attend between Friday and Sunday!

Author: Robert

I am an a professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville who studies higher education finance, accountability policies and practices, and student financial aid. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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